Mainland Hash Kennels

 Hash Kennels in the Mainland (click on logos to redirect to each hash website)

 Beijing HHH (Updated May 2014)

Beijing Hash House Harriers was founded by Brian "Ewor" Rowe in 1979, and reborn after a recess by Clinton Halloran in 1982, is a mixed hash that runs every Sunday without fail. The Hash bar is Paddy O'Sheas on Dongzhemenwei Dajie across from the Canadian Embassy. 800 meters from Dongsishitiao station. For more info visit or email

 Beijing Boxer HHH (Updated May 2014)

Founded 4 Oct 2003 by: Mark "C**t Runner" Fromm, Mike "Pays For S*x" Signorelli. Meets monthly on 3rd Saturday from Tim's Texas BBQ, 14 Dongdaqiao Lu. 500 meters from Yong'anli station

For more info visit or email

 Beijing Full Moon (Updated May 2014)

The Beijing public security bureau's favorite club! Meets once a month on the full moon in a different location at 7:30 for terrific live hare trails.
For more info visit or email

Hunan H3 (Updated Sep 2016)

Rebirthed on 2 October 2016 by Double-00-Dirk (current GM), Monkey, No Eating Out and Mr. Fart

Founder: David "Mr. Fart" Whittall. Founding Date: May 1, 2015

runs every other Saturday and once for full moon per month, mixed adult hash. email:

 Chengdu Panda HHH (Updated Mar 2013)

Founded by: Alan 'Spermwhale' & Lyra 'Mashed Potato' Brooks, Desi 'Fire Cracker' Downey & Thomas 'Sticky Fingers' Downey 27 Jul 1997. Runs every other Sunday. Bus depts corner of Tongzilin North and Renmin South Roads 2.00pm. Email

Nanjing HHH

 Nanjing HHH (updated March 2010)

New Info. GM Laurie "Would You Marry Me". WeChat ID LaurieGren.

Old Info. Monthly Family Hash GM Tom Recycled Backman RA Laurence Will You Marry Me Harris OnSec Minnie Ou Email: HashBar: Bluesky 77


 Qiong Hai HHH (NEW)

Founded 12 Sept 09 by International Yihua, Yong Mei & Yu He. Meets alternate Saturdays at 3:30pm in front of YEBA Qiong hai city, Hainan. Email:  


Distinguished Overseas Gentlemen of Shanghai (DOGS) H3 (Updated Mar 2010)

Founded by MCD (Master Chauvanist Dog) and Camel (Humpadog). Inaugural run August 6th 2009. Email:  Web:

 Drunken Dragon HHH (Updated May 2014)

Founders: Rick “Nipple Blower” Martos; Dorathy “Mammary Mama” Martos; Mark “TBA” Farwell; Cathy “Princess of the Sloths” Farwell on 1 June 2006; Meets 2 Sat per month. Contact

 Guangzhou HHH (Updated Apr 2015)

Founded by: Jon Savage on 10th March 1984. Runs every Sat 1.30pm, from Golden Mango Bar 金芒果酒吧 361 Huanshi Dong Lu,Yuexiu. Across from Garden Hotel 环市东路361 花园酒店对面 next to Tao Jin metro Line 5 exit 8. Contact:  Adult Hash

 Haikou HHH (updated March 2010)

Founded by Boon Leong 'Shitface' Lim, Kok 'Lye On Sex' Lye, 'Alex the Arse' & 'Randy Tiger' on 13 Dec 1997. Run every Sat at 15:30 at Reds Pub Haidian Dao. (adult hash). Email  

 Haikou 98 H4 (updated March 2010)

Founded: 8 Sept 2007 by Chris "Wu Da Yi" Ennis. Meets every other Sunday at 3.30pm at the Red's bar on Haidian Dao. Contacts: GM: Chris Ennis, email: Hash email:

 Hangzhou HHH (updated March 2010)

Founded on 2nd June 2007 by Peter "Doggie Style" Lindsay, Mikael Bellec and Chris "Pushup(bra)" Knudsen. Meets alternate Saturdays at 3.00pm (4pm summer). Email

Kunming Spring City Hash House Harriers (updated October 2012)

Restarted (3rd time) by John "Roomboy" Malins and Rogier "H.E.I.D.E." Luijnenburg on 20th October 2012. Runs biweekly on a Sunday.

First started in 1999 by Frank “Golden Balls” Prasmo, then after a few runs it folded when he left and it was subsequently re-started a 2nd time by Jen “Dildo Shaggings” Andersen in 2009 to 2010. Known as the Dry Hump H3 it ran for 4 runs before folding again as he too was transferred back to DC in the US


Putian HHH (updated May2015)

Founded by: Mark “Twat” Batsford, Tim “Butthead” Vadney, John Dean, and Jess Rosal. First Hash was on January 11th 2015. Runs every Month. (Adult Hash)

For more info visit or email

 Qingdao HHH (updated March 2010)

Founded by 007 and Hangover on August 9th, 2003 Family Hash. Meets every Saturday at 2pm in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Xiang Gang Dong Lu (Hong Kong Middle Road). Email: Facebook:

 Pudong Full Moon HHH (Updated Mar 2010)

Founded by: 15th May 2003 by Dan "First Class Asshole" Plane. Meets once a month on a Wednesday, live hares set off at from a restaurant near a subway station at 7.30pm somewhere in Pudong, Shanghai. Mixed hash. Email

 Sanya HHH (updated March 2010)

Founded 18 Sept 2004 by Ma Hai & Wu Chun Yuan. Meets every other Saturday at 3pm at Guang Da Bank Sanya. Email:

 Shanghai HHH (updated October 2011)

Founded by Carl "Pavarotten" Tolson on 15 Oct 1986 and restarted by Robin "Silver Fox" Cox on 10 July 1989. Runs weekly on Sunday. Summer/Spring: 3:30pm; Winter/Fall: 2:30pm. (adult mixed hash). Email  

 Shekou HHH (Updated Mar 2010)

Founded by: George "Bullwinkle" Steele and Colin "Tampon" Martin on 12th Nov 1984. Meets 1pm every Sat at the Snake Pit, bus departs sharp 1:30pm. Contact: use QR code for WeChat. 

 Suzhou HHH (NEW)

Founded Sept09 by Katie "MasterKater" Boland . Runs 2nd Sat of each month, every 4th Saturday away run usually in Wuxi. Contact  

 China Taiping HHH (Updated Mar 2010)

Founded by: Mike 'Pays for S*x' Signorelli, David "Boring English Cunt" Pitcher & Jean 'Domsetic Violence' Peng on 1 May 2000 Mixed runs in mountains of Jiangsu and Zhejiang once every month on Sat. 

 Tianjin Teda HHH (updated March 2010)

Founded by: Roger 'Elephant Ass' Dains in 28 Feb 1993. Meets biweekly Saturdays alternating between Tianjin and TEDA. 

 Wuxi HHH (NEW)

Fouded Oct 07 by Denis " Footrot " Corbel & Anne "Puss in Boots" Corbel. Runs on 4th Sat of every Month. Contact  

 Xiamen Huandaolu HHH  (updated 18Nov2013)

Reborn by  Lee "Rustle in the Bush" assisted by Brett the "Rimmer" on 4 July 2010. Runs every 1st and 3rd  Sunday of the month 2pm winter, 3pm summer, exact times posted on the website. Email

 Xian HHH (New)

Started by Patrick “General Sanchez” Antony in March 2009. Email:  

Last Updated May 2014